East Asia-Oceania Salesian website.


Lord God, grant that in our region, your brotherly love and cooperation may reign in all our apostolic work amongst all the different provinces. May your Church in which we work enjoy the fruits of our charism, especially for the benefit of poor and abandoned youth. Through your spirit may we build deep communion amidst immense cultural diversity, all for your greater glory....

Salesian - general

The Bosconet site links with the general Congregational site based in Rome at Salesian Portal, Rome from where you can reach almost any point on the Salesian worldwide web.

Useful texts in English translation.

Check out the Salesian Regions and their websites.

One site of interest - it is available directly through the Rome portal, is SELECT, a complete thesaurus and glossary of Salesian terminology in the English language.

Should anyone want the complete SELECT file (it is too large to download and would mean sending a CD, but that's no problem, contact BOSCONET directly


A very useful file to download (in zip - just unpack it): FOXIT pdf reader - free, light and does what you mostly need it to do!