Youth Centres




The Salesian Youth Movement – a special expression of Don Bosco’s pedagogy.

 The desire to get together, to form groups, the attraction of communities was an experience in Don Bosco’s life that seemed to arise spontaneously, an expression of his temperament which was naturally inclined towards being open to people and making friends. Bringing young people together in groups is an indispensable factor in the kind of preventive and popular project that Don Bosco wanted to establish (cf AGC 294, 17)


Through a number and variety of youth groups and associations we want to ensure a high quality of educational presence in the situations where young people want to get together, and to guide them towards a meaningful experience of the life of the Church.


1.2 The Salesian Youth Movement among Movements in the Church

 Among the fruits of the renewal which the Holy Spirit has inspired following Vatican Council II are the Movements in the Church, which are “providential expressions of the new springtime brought about by the Spirit” (John Paul II, 31.5.98)


1.3 Characteristics of the SYM.

 The Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) is one of the more extensive and all-embracing ways of being present among the young.


                   1.3.1. Elements of identity of the SYM

                   The identity of the SYM is characterized by two elements:

·                                   reference to salesian youth spirituality (SYS) and salesian pedagogy: 

·                                   linkage between the groups:


                   1.3.2. Fundamental options of the SYM

                                    The following elements are made concrete through certain important choices:

·                                  The educative option,

·                                  The ecclesial and group option,

·                                  The formative option,

·                                  The apostolic option,

·                                 The civil option

 ·                                 the variety of groups and associations in accordance with the interests of the young, with particular attention to those more suited to poorer youngsters; without basic groups there can be no SYM;

·                                 a process of community experience around the person of Don Bosco and the values of the SYM; this reference to Don Bosco and to the values of his spirituality are the point of convergence and source of inspiration characterising all the groups and associations which have the SYM as their focal point;

·                                 the apostolic commitment of young people among the youngsters themselves; SDB, FMA and the youngsters together, in the service of the Church and of society;

·                                 the animators, who live and make their own the salesian commitment in groups and associations;

·         meetings and festivities, as moments of communication, formation and life experience.