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* A scanned copy of the SDB Constitutions

* Short course on apostolic spirituality

* Introduction to pedagogy

* General materials - D B, St. F. de S. etc.

* General Curriculum details

* Short course on pastoral planning

* All items in MS Publisher format ('98 upwards)ENGLI

* Salesians in the Pacific - short course

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* Salesian Family - short course

* The art of teaching: psychology of education

* General files - some may be of use.


BIBLIOGRAPHIES of published books and articles in English.

Note that some of these may be out of print.  Each bibliography is available as a downloadable zipped file.

These bibliographies are the work of Frs. Mike Mendl (USA), who has largely put

together the general bibliography on Don Bosco and Bernard Grogan (UK) who has done the other items.  They are to be considered as work in progress and additional titles or corrections to existing ones are welcomed as well as suggestions for better layout.  These could be sent directly to Bernard Grogan at or to Bosconet


* General bibliography of works on Don Bosco

* Basic primary resources for Salesian studies

* RSS-JSS (Richerche Storiche Salesiane - Journal of Salesian Studies and some others) I


* Letters of Rectors Major from 1965-2002.


(Note that Fr. Vigano's letters are available  in Bosconet).





All five of these files available here in  single zipped (Word) file.()