Teaching: members of the community teach at Corpus Christi Teachers College, Pacific Regional Seminary, St. John Bosco Primary School (Music, catechetics).

Camps: each year at Deuba-Pacific Harbour, the Don Bosco Camp takes 60 youngsters for four days of fun Salesian style.  Around this activity a leadership programme has begun to develop.



Streetkids: Each Friday, and occasionally on public holidays, community members mix amongst the streetkids around Suva, or gather them in places where they can have fun together and away from the watchful eyes of the Law.

Picnics and reunions: Groups associated with the camp, with St. John Bosco school or with leadership come together several times a year, often at Don Bosco House itself.



Don Bosco Movement:  This is a growing movement begun initially with secondary students who had attended St. John Bosco's Primary school and moved on to neighbouring Catholic secondary schools - but it has begun to involve adults who once attended SJB's and want to be a part of the group, or other young people who have come to know the Salesians regardless of what school they attended.