East Asia-Oceania Salesian website.


......Instead, we worked with raw code and very basic html and no web authoring programmes except a text editor. Bosconet was the Congregation's first website.

Then came all the fancy stuff, with animated gifs and the like, and a certain web authoring system. It was helpful, but somehow it didn't satisfy. Content and presentation were all mixed up together; Bosconet grew, and grew, and behind it all was a kind of 10 year old's bedroom (or a 15 year old's...or a 50 year old's) before his mother steps in to tidy it all up! A mess! It needed a new approach, and here it is. Bosconet is now written in xhtml with CSS.

Bosconet is now written and presented according to current web standards. The presentation side is looked after by style sheets, there are no frames, not even tables (unless tabular material is being presented, which is what tables are really for). It is a way of enabling the webmaster to concentrate on content, which changes frequently, and style, which needs to be consistent. The end result should be more satisfying overall. One has a feeling that if Don Bosco were writing today about 'spreading good websites', he might have modelled an approach of this kind.

There are yet more important benefits in this particular presentation of Bosconet. The pages should work in any browser at any resolution, indeed, in almost any media, including PDA. The stylesheet contains text which is not visible (or not necessary) on screen, but visible to those not using images (screen readers perhaps), or accessible to acoustic software for those who are sight challenged.

One final thing. These pages are written using a text editor, not one of the major web authoring programs. The graphics are made with GIMP. An entire site with all the apparent 'bells and whistles' really has no bells and whistles at all, just free, open source software and the appropriate use of CSS to create effects. Just occasionally it is necessary to use javascript to overcome a browser issue and for the search operation. Anyone, with little or no expense involved, and a minimum of knowledge, can produce a site of this kind [Return to home page]