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(serving the East Asia-Oceania region since 1977) or  visit the site

BOSCO LINK (The Americas - presently in English language version only) or visit the site

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A development which has particular application to the English-speaking Salesian world, it seems, is that of the information network via email.  While it is true that there is a single Salesian Information Agency (ANS) operating from the Centre in Rome, garnering news from all over the Salesian world and providing information to outside bodies as well as to Salesians, the principle of subsidiarity allows for other information networks to subsist within the Salesian Congregation's 'communication ecosystem'. 

These emerging 'life-forms' in the system have quite different origins, but they all provide information to Salesians (in the main) and are available to other bodies and individuals if they wish to be added to the email lists.  The three main English-speaking information networks are: 'austraLasia', Bosco Link and Rualink.