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sdb's in formation, Fiji

MHC Basilica, Turin

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Ongoing formation implies so much - as we develop our understanding of the call that was ours at Baptism and re-affirmed through Religious Profession.  Consider some possible routes to follow:

 From Salesian beginnings, Early documents either primary (in translation) or comments on aspects of early Salesian times.  The ones accessible from this link are contained on the site.

Applied materials - applications of Salesian thinking to education and evangelization:

e.g. Salesian Youth Spirituality, the Preventive System

the Pope's letter 'Iuvenum Patris' (Father of Youth),

Mentoring faith to seniors: a catechetical application,

articles on pastoral care, noticing God, on work, on peer group pressures. 


Other Salesian e-resources

 Personal Life Plan

 Salesian geographical regions

A site that will gradually become more and more helpful is the Centre for Salesian Spirituality at Don Bosco Hall, Berkeley USA


Material directly related to Religious Life and Consecration;

Religious Life (summaries of chapters from Sandra Schneiders work),

Consecration (with a Salesian slant), 

Documents (containing summarised versions of letters from Rector Major et al.),


Salesian Family or Salesians in generalThere is an area here too for examining Salesian spirituality for lay people and pastoral animation, and for finding the text of Life of Don Bosco, Francis De Sales, Mamma MargaretAn excellent site, if you are looking for materials on St. Francis de Sales, can be found at the Oblates of St. Francis De Sales' Resource Center.



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