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Rector and PrincipalFr. Luciano Capelli, Rector and Principal - in the background are the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, Mr. Allan Kemakeza, and the Salesian Provincial of Japan, Fr. Stephen Fujikawa.


The Prime Minister presses button on new machine



Guests, including PM, on tour through workshops.


- Fr. Luciano Capelli sdb, Rector and Principal



HONIARA 30 June --  ‘Christianity is more than a solution to problems; it is a proclamation of the good news’. That is exactly what Don Bosco Faculty, students and guests from here and abroad headed by Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza did on Friday June 28th at 9:00 am at the Don Bosco Compound at Henderson.


The message proclaimed loud and clear was perceived by all: There is a God who cares for the Solomon Islands youth and provides for them opportunities for growth and educations in many ways. The Don Bosco way is but one of them.


Saint John Bosco’s message was also proclaimed loud and clear to all and especially to the 81 strong students body gathered to proudly display their talents, abilities and skills on the occasions:  “Dear Friend, you carry within your heart the treasure of true friendship with the Lord. If you keep it you are the richest person on earth. If you lose it you become one of the most unhappy and poorest persons in the whole world…”(Don Bosco)


The Prime Minister expressed what everybody deeply felt in his heart for the occasion: a personal and community sense of gratitude to God for this gift of His Spirit through Saint John Bosco.  He said that the emphasis on technical skills would provide young Solomon Islanders with the training they need to find future employment.


The display of decent technical skills acquired in such a short span of time was the icing on the cake. The guests marveled at the excellent layout and fine equipment and the high concern for detail so evident in every corner of the complex.  Not a few placed a good number of orders for ovens, BBQ plates, coconut scrapers and others, not to mention chicken, piglets and eggs production.


The day ended with the blessing and a hearty snack followed by a spontaneous “talent show” by various talented Bosconians eager to perform to informally entertain each other and to express their belief in what don Bosco said: “JUMP, RUN, MAKE NOICE, BUT DO NOT SIN”


The youth felt it was their day and expressed through music what was in their hearts said by Don Bosco more than a100 years ago “It is enough that you are young for me to love you… for you I will offer my life even to my last breath” .


Fr. Stephen Fujikawa, Provincial of Japan, was happy and delighted to note that the boys are responding well and are interested in acquiring skills and talents.  His advice to us goes thus: “Try to conserve all that is good in your culture and all do your best to improve your skills and talents through your work and study”.