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We envision EAO as a communion of Salesian Provinces, creatively faithful to Don Bosco's charism and effectively collaborating with each other, to be evangelizers of the young, especially those who are poor.


Thus we commit ourselves:


  • 1 to inculturate the Preventive System in our Provinces (communion, charism and evangelization)
  • 2 to cooperate in common projects like (of) formation, youth ministry, Salesian Family, social communicatiions and other services.
  • 3 (to strengthen and deepen our communication with each other) to use English as the medium of communication in EAO.



Under this group you might want to go to:


1.  austra-L-asia
2.  AustraLasia news items: comments
3.  The story of Bosconet
4.  Bosconet-wiki Possibilities
5.  Mission Study Days 2011
6.  Inculturation issues in EAO

Evangelisation as inculturation as seen in Ecclesia in Asia
Rector Major on inculturation
Fr John Cabrido on Cargo Cult Word file download
The challenge of inculturation Panel discussion 2004 - valuable insights from personal experience

7.  Statistics EAO Region 2002 (zip file)
8.  Team Visit EAO 2005
9.  Websites EAO (please advise of new sites or changes to URLs)
10.  Salesian Day Programme Melbourne 11 July 2008
11.  Websites hosted by Bosconet

Don Bosco House Fiji This is an historical site - not updated beyond the 'founding' period of the Salesian presence in Fiji, but it documents the beginnings so should be preserved.

12.  Seminars held in the Region

2006 Youth Ministry Hong Kong


2006 Seminar for Brothers Cambodia


2007 Salesianity Seminar Thailand January


2008 Bangkok Seminar for Rectors of Formation Houses

Salesian Digital Library SDL - Every language should have the opportunity to serve as a vehicle for Salesian culture and communication on the internet

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