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Salesianity Seminar Thailand 2007


The story behind the stories (presented by Fr Aldo Giraudo sdb)


Narrative spirituality and pedagogy in some of Don Bosco's important texts. Method of approach and tools for interpretation.


Introductory lesson(en)  Lezione introduttiva(it)


1.  Essential texts


Giovane provveduto (zip)(it)


Memoirs of the Oratory  But for additional opportunities and references got to A page dedicated to the MO


Memoirs of the Oratory Schema 1 Powerpoint presentation Schema 2 ppt  Schema 3 ppt  Schema 4 ppt


Stages along the spiritual journey


The three 'lives' written by Don Bosco Besucco, Magone, Savio (zip)  If you prefer to read these lives as separate items (or download them as separate items) you can find them here: Biogrpahies written by Don Bosco


2.  Powerpoint presentations

Memoirs of the Oratory Schema 1


Schema 2


Schema 3


Schema 4


Don Bosco the writer


The three lives


The 'lives' - how Don Bosco worked


The lives as a spiritual programme


Don Bosco's spiritual journey


Don Bosco in action


The wandering Oratory 1


The wandering Oratory 2


3.  Workshop results

The way of being Oratory


4.  Evaluation

Summary of evaluation


5.  Additional materials

documenti qui sopra in italiano


Salesainity teaching materials Hong Kong


Salesianity texts translated within EAO Region Jan 2007

6.  Outline of Salesianity Seminar events

Tuesday  2 January 2007


Session 1: Introduction to the Workshop. - Don Bosco a writer of his times; Classification of Don Bosco’s writings; The preference for a historico-narrative style.


Session 2: The “Lives” of Dominic Savio, Michael Magone and Francis Besucco, documents for a programme of formation. Historical context, circumstances, aims and adressees. How to select “topics” for interpretation.


Sessions 3 and 4: Comparative analysis of structure of the 3 books. [Exercise 1]


Wednesday 3 January 2007


Session 1: The role of the narrator, main character and other characters Narrator’s comments with outside reference


Session 2: Don Bosco the educator in action (the rapport between Don Bosco and Domenic Savio or the rapport between Don Bosco and Michael Magone) [Exercise 2]


Session 3 and 4: Elements characteristic of the formative model and educational method emerging from the writings.


Thursday 4 January 2007


Session 1: The “Memoirs of the Oratory”: history of the text and how it has been received. Reasons urging Don Bosco to write the MO. An evocative narrative of the oratory’s identity


Session 2: The MO as an autobiographical text; how it was put together.


Session 3: The MO as a narrative text. Structure of the text 1 The plot and narrative tension.


Session 4: How to select “topics” for interpretation. Examples of one way – the steps of the spiritual journey reading.


Friday 5 January 2007


Session 1 and 2: Pastoral reading of the MO to identify the model of the pastor which emerges [Exercise 3] – sharing in the language groups


Session 3 and 4: The way of being Oratory in the MO [Exercise 4] – sharing in the language groups


Saturday 6 January 2007


Session 1: Example of the pedagogical reading: The role entrusted to Mamma Margaret in the MO


Session 2: Conclusions: a key to understanding the meaning given by Don Bosco to the Salesian identity referred to his program: Da mihi animas cetera tolle.

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