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1.  Some Salesian termbase definitions and descriptions:

ad gentes
initial proclamation
inter gentes
mission territory
Salesian missions

2.  EAO Missionary Animation Days

Summaries of Missionary Animation Seminars EAO on Evangelization and Interreligious Dialogue at Batulao 1994, the Animation and Missionary Formation Seminar on the Uniqueness of Salvation in Jesus Christ and Need of Primary Evangelization at Hua Hin 1998, and the Salesian Family Missionary Seminar on East Asia and the Challenges of Mission Ad Gentes at Hua Hin 2005

3.  Inculturation issues in EAO

Evangelisation as inculturation as seen in Ecclesia in Asia
RM on Inculturation
Fr John Cabrido on Cargo Cult Word file download
The challenge of inculturation Panel discussion 2004 - valuable insights from personal experience

4.  Study Days on Initial Proclamation 2001

Overall details on East Asia and Oceania Study Days 2011
Study Days, Initial Proclamation, Oceania | Initial Proclamation, Oceania (Study Days) PDF file download
Study Days, Initial Proclamation, East Asia | Initial Proclamation, East Asia (Study Days) PDF file download

Salesian Digital Library SDL - Every language should have the opportunity to serve as a vehicle for Salesian culture and communication on the internet

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