1.   Association of Salesian Cooperators East Asia Region (EAR)


(Note that this regional designation is specific to the ASC and includes, for their purposes, other parts of the Salesian EAO Region which are not 'East Asia', as for example Australia-Pacific)



Project of Apostolic Life (available as a free download in pdf format)


1.1   Formation

Common Mission Statement of the Salesian Family


Salesian Family - an overview



Useful readings


1996 guidelines - deepening candidates' formation



Formation AUL - Fr Bossini


Korea Province - ASC formation plan


PNG meeting 2004


Formation ASC Lesson 1 zip file (PNG)


Monthly meetings zip file (PNG)

1.2  Delegates' Formation

Comments by Fr Aubry (in Spanish)


Delegates - spiritual animation


For the newly appointed delegate (Historical document prepared by Fr Pat Laws


Evaluation of a Centre Taken from the leadership manual


Spiritual animation of groups in the Salesian Family

1.3   Leadership Manual

Presentation of manual


The manual itself

1.4   Consulta or World Consulting Group

Guidelines 2001-8

1.5  EAR Region 2005

Report by Philip Yu to WCB 2005

1.6  EAR Regional Congresses

Hua Hin 1993


Batulao 1996


Hong Kong 1999


Cebu Congress logo 2001


Korea 2004 Evaluation

1.7  Economic solidarity

Economic solidarity


Korea Budget 2002

1.8  Holiness and the Salesian Cooperator - holy Cooperators

Alessandrina Maria da Costa


Alessandrina - thoughts


Attilio Giordani


Holiness and personal plan of life


Summary of life of Mamma Margaret

1.9  Other material

Autonomia in comunione document in Italian by Fr Julio Olarte sdb

Salesian Digital Library SDL - Every language should have the opportunity to serve as a vehicle for Salesian culture and communication on the internet

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