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Term:   Daughters of the Divine Saviour HDS
Definition: Female Religious Institute of Diocesan Right, founded by Salesian Bishop Pedro Arnoldo Aparicio (1980-1992), as catechists and teachers they are at the service of poor children and youth whom they aim to educate by the Preventive System. Don Bosco's motto, Da mihi animas caetera tolle (give me souls, take away the rest), has become Oportet Illum regnare (it is necessary for Christ to reign!).

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Term status:
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(General=also found outside Salesian usage; Salesian=possibly not well understood beyond Salesian circles; Neologism, Archaic, Deprecated refer to the term's status in Salesian discourse)


Recommended equivalent (it): Figlie del Divin Salvatore HDS


(In most cases the Italian term will be the official source term. In other cases below, if the term has its source in another language, this will be indicated by an [S] following the term.)


Recommended equivalent (es): Hijas del Divino Salvador HDS


Recommended equivalent (fr):


Recommended equivalent (pt):


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Other language:
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Geographical/Regional usage:


"Through our educative and pastoral mission we contribute to the mission of salvation at the service of the Particular Church and parishes, dedicating ourselves especially to education of young girls and young women. the Institute achieves these aims principally through religious education and the apostolate of catechetics. Our life and our evangelising and educational activity gives Mary a special role. We entrust ourselves to Her as the “Help” of children and youth.
The HDS live an attitude of spiritual childhood made up of simplicity and serene joy. Bethlehem indicates our spiritual road: humility, poverty, not desiring great things, making ourselves always available, opening our souls, our heart and our arms to children and young people, in a Salesian style. A special devotion to the Child Jesus helps the HDS to achieve this meekness and humbleness of heart as taught by Jesus.
The witness to poverty, already in the original founding group and written into our purpose of service of children and girls of ordinary people, especially the needy, characterises our commitment and witness.
An interesting element of formation and apostolic activity is the collaboration with the Salesians. In different countries we share responsibility with the Salesians in educational and social works".


Context (examples of use):


Other notes:
Date founded: San Vicente (El Salvador), Christmas 1956
Date admitted to the SF: 5th February 1987




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Term status (General=also found outside Salesian usage; Salesian=possibly not well understood beyond Salesian circles; Neologism, Archaic, Deprecated refer to the term's status in Salesian discourse)
(1) (2)   
[Archaic refers to terms that have fallen out of regular use. Deprecated indicates official disapproval or if not disapproval, official abandonment at least. A neologism is a term that has come into play relatively recently - say, since Vatican II, but the time frame can be flexible.]


Recommended equivalent (it). In most cases the Italian term will be the official source term




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[The definition should not be imagined! It is assumed that it exists either in a reputable dictionary (or at least in similar words) or in some authoritative Salesian reference (e.g. the Constitutions, AGC or similar public document, Lenti's 7 volume series, and so on]




Geographical/Regional usage
[Certain terms are common in restricted parts of the Congregation. We have one 'prior' but only in INB; in some parts of Asia the Salesian community is called a 'convent', but not elsewhere]



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Context (examples of use)

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Other notes
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