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Salesian Termbase is an aid to consistent terminology in the domain we know as 'Salesian', particuarly its 'sdb' subdomain. Translators will also find it helpful, not only because it offers a straightforward target and source language glossary, but also because the more complete term view will provide fuller information about the concept represented by the term.


Salesian Termbase was designed to:
1. Provide a formal approach to Salesian terminology worldwide.
2. Facilitate entry of term data.
3. Assist those who need to work with Salesian terminology, e.g. translators.


It is always difficult to know precisely when a term belongs to the particular discourse called 'Salesian' and when it belongs to an expanding discourse that occasionally overlaps with it - and may in the future overlap still further. The whole area of digital terminology (e.g. terms associated with social networking) is only partially represented currently in general Salesian texts, but clearly this will grow, and certainly in areas of close contact with young people, the Salesian Family will already be familiar with these terms, many of them relatively new even in general discourse and relatively rare therefore in all but recent texts. There will be other similar areas. We will begin to add some of these more specialised, less-represented terms in appropriate sub-categories.


Should you wish to contribute to Salesian Termbase, you can do so in two ways:
a. You could simply email the suggested term or information regarding a term to the site administrator
b: If you wanted to offer consistent help, you can request a password and instructions from the same address.


Would you like a personal copy of Salesian Termbase? Then go to the Tiddlywiki version and follow download directions.

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