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Term:   Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry is described in SDB C. 133 as a 'special sector' of the Salesian mission under the leadership of a Councillor. Youth Ministry can also be defined as the basic frame of reference for Salesian ministry to the young, and it is elsewhere described as a fundamental style of animation. This is all summed up in C. 14: "Our vocation is graced by a special gift of God: predilection for the young: "That you are young is enough to make me love you very much". This love is an expression of pastoral charity and gives meaning to our whole life".

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Term status:
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(General=also found outside Salesian usage; Salesian=possibly not well understood beyond Salesian circles; Neologism, Archaic, Deprecated refer to the term's status in Salesian discourse)


Recommended equivalent (it): pastorale giovanile


(In most cases the Italian term will be the official source term. In other cases below, if the term has its source in another language, this will be indicated by an [S] following the term.)


Recommended equivalent (es): pastoral juvenil


Recommended equivalent (fr): pastorale des jeunes


Recommended equivalent (pt): pastoral juvenil


Suggested equivalent (other):


Other language:
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youth apostolate, youth pastoral ministry


Geographical/Regional usage:


Salesian youth ministry, as central as it is, obviously covers very many areas. These include at least the following:


1. The Oratory and Youth Centre
An environment of broad acceptance, open to a wide range of young people, above all those most alienated. This is achieved through a diversity of educational and evangelizing activities characterized by their focus on the young and strong personal relationships between educator and youngster, capable of becoming a missionary presence in the world of the young and of civil society.


2. The school and Professional formation
Centres for formal education, inspired by Gospel values according to the spirit and pedagogical style of the Saleisans, in order to promote popular education attentive to the most needy, to their professional formation and to accompanying their gradual insertion into the world of work.


3. Boarding and hostel arrangements
A service for accepting young people without family or who are temporarily estranged from family. Here they find personal relationships, opportunity for commitment and responsibility for young people in daily life, and the life of the group with its various formative educative and Christian opportunities.


4. A presence to the Tertiary sector
Through institutes of higher education inspired by Christian values and with a Catholic and Salesian style; hostels and university residences, other services of pastoral animation at this level.


5. The parish.
Characterized by a special attention to young people, above all to the poorest of them, the popular environment where it is to be found, by the presence of a Salesian religious community at its animating heart, and by activity of evangelization and education to faith strictly integrated with the human development of the person and the group.


6. Social services and works for youth-at-risk
A family atmosphere of acceptance and education, animated by a community with ‘preventive’ criteria according to the educative style of Don Bosco. This is inspired by the Gospel and has the aim to evangelize, open to the transformation of realities which are socially exclusive and to the building of a culture of solidarity, in collaboration with other social institutions.


7. Social communication
Through education to an understanding and proper use and utilization of the media, the development of the communicative potential of persons through the new languages of music, theatre, art etc..... Formation to a critical, aesthetic and moral sense, promotion of information and editorial centres in press, radio, television, internet etc. Finally, the service of the Salesian educational and pastoral project.


8. Other new forms of Salesian presence to the young
- The Salesian Youth Movement: communion and connection between all youth groups and associations which acknowledge Salesian spirituality and pedagogy, and which take up an educative and evangelizing task and commit themselves to share and coordinate amongst themselves.


- The Salesian Voluntariate: a voluntary activity commited to the human and Salesian development of the young, above all the poorest of them, and active amongst the common folk, according to the style of Don Bosco’s Preventive System and the values of Salesian Youth Spirituality. They carry out their activity in view of the transformation of society and the removal of causes of injustice, and they favour a community experience and the vocational development of the volunteer.


- Services for vocational orientation: meetings and centres for vocational orientation, communities where this can occur, etc…


- Specialized services for Christian formation: special education centres, houses of retreat and spirituality, centres for pastoral and catechetical formation etc.


Context (examples of use):


Other notes:
The term 'youth ministry' is of relatively recent usage in Salesian discourse; previously it was referred to as 'youth apostolate' or even 'youth pastoral'. This latter, though still found in some parts of the English-speaking Salesian world is regarded as a calque, a direct translation of 'pastorale giovanile' that does not sit with standard English, which regards 'pastoral' as an adjective in most instances and, if used as a noun, in reference to things other than ministry.




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Term status (General=also found outside Salesian usage; Salesian=possibly not well understood beyond Salesian circles; Neologism, Archaic, Deprecated refer to the term's status in Salesian discourse)
(1) (2)   
[Archaic refers to terms that have fallen out of regular use. Deprecated indicates official disapproval or if not disapproval, official abandonment at least. A neologism is a term that has come into play relatively recently - say, since Vatican II, but the time frame can be flexible.]


Recommended equivalent (it). In most cases the Italian term will be the official source term




Recommended equivalent (es)




Recommended equivalent (fr)




Recommended equivalent (pt)




Suggested equivalent (other) (Where it is the source term indicated with [S] and appropriate language code [chosen from IANA registry])






[The definition should not be imagined! It is assumed that it exists either in a reputable dictionary (or at least in similar words) or in some authoritative Salesian reference (e.g. the Constitutions, AGC or similar public document, Lenti's 7 volume series, and so on]




Geographical/Regional usage
[Certain terms are common in restricted parts of the Congregation. We have one 'prior' but only in INB; in some parts of Asia the Salesian community is called a 'convent', but not elsewhere]



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Context (examples of use)

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Other notes
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