Youth Ministry Delegates Seminar Cheng Chau HK Feb 2006



Resolutions of HK meeting


Minute-overview of meeting


1.  Regional level materials (for 2006 meeting)

Evaluation at region level


EAO follow-up to 2003 meeting


EAO follow-up: Domenech


2.  Presentations (powerpoint) from 2003, Melbourne


Project  School  Animation  Coordination  Vocation promotion  


3.  Manual for YM (2000)

Chapter 1


Chapter 2: SEPP


Chapter 3: EPP


Chapter 4: sectors


Chapter 5: Animation


Chapter 6


4.  Material from different countries and provinces

SCS vision for youth apostolate


Key concepts in SYM Philippines (M. Baclig sdb) ppt


Working models: getting things going Philippines (M. Baclig sdb) ppt


Working models cont - settings and structures Philippines (M. Baclig sdb) ppt


Salesian Youth Ministry Made Simple Philippines (M. Baclig sdb) ppt


YM Scenario Philippines (M. Baclig sdb) ppt

5.  New Pastpral Model

Pastpral model 1 ppt


Pastoral model 2 ppt


Pastoral model - Japan 2004 ppt


YM model Korea 2006 ppt


Vietnam Pasotral Model ppt

6.  YM sectors - school, SYM....


FIN accreditation scheme


MGS English version ppt

7.  SYS from time of Fr Luc Van Looy and Sr Georgina McPake

Presentation  A story that goes way back  At the heart of Christian living  Living immersed in mystery  Passionate about the Kingdom  And so the story continues

8.  Youth at risk





Salesians and youth at risk





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