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Don Bosco saw the mission to the young as his singular purpose in life, and around that purpose he developed a lifetime of distinctive practice - whatever he could do (and what he did fills some 19 volumes of his life story) he did. Don Bosco's ministry to young people was prodigious in its output, incredibly flexible in its response to needs - and time after time again, observably successful, especially in rescuing young people from difficult and even abominable life circumstances.


The key to Salesian Youth Ministry is The Preventive System. Click here for a relatively brief explanation, or go to and click on Departments, then on Youth Ministry - Documents for much more detailed information, or indeed search in SDL for the same material. You will note that the Preventive System is a spirituality, a pedagogical method and an environment.



Under the 'Youth Ministry' group you might like to look for:

1.  Youth Ministry Seminary Hua Hin 2009 Contains a variety of useful materials and references
2.  Youth Ministry Seminar Hong Kong 2006 Contains a variety of useful materials and references
3.  Salesian Youth Spirituality
4.  Parishes


5.  Schools
6.  SYM
7.  Volunteers
8.  Hostels
9.  Youth Centres/Oratories
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