(Click here for pics of Solemn Blessing and Opening 28/06/02)


The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Honiara through his grace the Archbishop Adrian Smith, upon invitation of Rev Fr. Espagne invited the Salesians to the archdiocese. Their first presence was the parish at Tetere, 25 kms east of Honiara.  From there they established themselves in the city itself, and finally.....the Don Bosco Technical Centre at Henderson, opposite the airport. (More on The Beginnings)

 'Don Bosco' believed that it had a prophetic statement to offer to the Nation and has opted to proclaim it urgently at the height of the tension by opening its training Center on September 1 2000, to 20 young men looking for an alternative solution to the problems: the solution of personal commitment and hard work. It was Saint John Bosco a man sent by God to be a friend, father and a guide of searching youth who always believe on the positive approach: it is not in speaking about a problem that we can solve it, we must do something to proclaim a positive message and an alternative way rather than to speak about the evil or wait and see while remaining negative or indifferent.

 Rich in experience in PNG, SAMOA and in 2500 educational centers in another 125 countries we believe we have a unique response and a personal contribution to give the country. For the past two years since its approval as an education authority Don Bosco Technical Institute now offers  three courses for school push outs:

 -          FOR FORM THREE PUSH OUTS it offers a two year complete Training Course in auto mechanics, welding, steel fabrication and Basic Agriculture. There are presently 11 students in their second year and 20 on their first year in this program. (Wait for January of every year for new intake of 25 more students)

-          FOR STANDARD SIX PUSH OUTS who are still young we offer a three years secondary academic-technical curriculum with a strong emphasis on basic technical skills. Five more hours have been added to the regular secondary curriculum course to make more space for technology. At the end of the three years basic Academic-technical course offered by the school, the students will have the option to continue to our Training Center Department for a two year professional course with more technology options than presently offered. A total of 23 students have been selected for this course and have started regular classes since two weeks. The present facilities will enable us to accept a total of 25 more students on this program in 2003 and 2004

 -           FOR STANDARD SIX PUSH OUTS who are rather old and willing to work immediately we offer an intensive three to six months Manpower Course in relevant technologies they can choose from, (for this year basically two: Professional welding and two stroke engine)(20 have been selected and will be starting this coming June 1, 2002)

-          For any youth of any scholastic background Don Bosco hopes to be able soon support the local community aspirations and plans in Tetere with the opening of a RTC.

 For a total of 74 youth, from 12 to 25 years old, from all provinces and religious affiliations, from different educational standards, there is a bright atmosphere of joy, optimism, enthusiasm and hard work and discipline. The very warm greetings of the travellers along the main Airport road fronting the campus eloquently expresses the acceptance of the community.

What will the graduates do, will they find a Job?  We are confident they will, in fact:

-          Self-confidence in one’s destiny and faith, positive vision in life, credibility, honesty, competence and hard work, spirit of sacrifice and discipline is what any employer is looking for in a graduate.

-          Properly skilled people are what foreign investors are looking for before investing or setting up companies requiring manpower.

-          Export of man power can be one of the industries helping us to replenish our depleted foreign reserves. Self-employment and help is one of the possibilities too.

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