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The Australian Province, in September 2007, launched The Cagliero Project, to take up and focus a long tradition of young men and women working as volunteers in Salesian works, offering a mission project geared to enthusiastic young (normally between 20-30 years of age) Australians who wish to offer a period of service to Salesian mission areas either at home or abroad.  The Cagliero project continues on from some outstanding examples of service, some short term others long term,  in Salesian mission areas - Samoa, Kiribati, Fiji, Vietnam.  Some Salesian schools in Australia also organise brief visits by groups (an example is St. Joseph's College in Ferntree Gully, Victoria, which annually sends a group of students to Kiribati and takes in students from that country to offer them the chance of completing their secondary education).

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To see a list of additional Volunteer organisations under Salesian direction around the world go to and click on Departments - Youth Minsitry - Volunteering.   

In recent years a multiplicity of volunteer groups and associations has developed in the Provinces, and especially of volunteer youth groups in the SYM.   The Salesian volunteer movement of the young is also an important indication of the richness and prodigious expansion of Don Bosco’s charism and youthful leadership in the dedication and commitment to pastoral work and human advancement.


There exists a great plurality of ways of working as a salesian volunteer:  in the province or in mission territories;  voluntary social work among the poor; educative work as animators, or by direct evangelization; long-term (a year or more) or short-term; social service in place of military service (for conscientious objectors, where the law permits), etc.


Many Provinces are studying the volunteer movement, with a view to adopting a plan for including it in the organic pastoral plan of the province.  Through the Departments for Youth Ministry, the Salesian Family, and the Missions, the Congregation has prepared a general code of practice for the animation of this experience.


4.2 Identity of the salesian volunteer movement:


·         The lay and youth characteristic:  the salesian volunteer is a lay person, man or woman of legal age, who after adequate preparation places himself/herself at the disinterested service of the young and the working classes, giving prior attention to the very poor in line with the salesian mission, and for a specified time.


·         The educative characteristic: it promotes a competent, creative and ongoing response to emerging needs, with initiatives of education and human advancement.


·         The social and political characteristic: in collaboration with civil and ecclesial institutions, it proposes an action with a view to the transformation of society and the removal of the causes of injustice.


·         The gospel characteristic: it involves commitment to a life-style inspired by the Gospel;  it accepts the Christian option of educating by evangelizing and evangelizing by educating, and fosters the missionary dimension.


·         The salesian community characteristic:  it involves team work in community within an organized structure, practising Don Bosco’s preventive system with an oratorian heart, and drawing inspiration from salesian youth spirituality.